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Consultation & Supervision

If you are seeking case consultation or need a supervisor for your Supervised Practice or Retraining with the CPO/OPQ, feel free to contact me directly for more information.

Working Together

Case Consultation

I understand that providing the best care for our patients is a top priority. In pursuit of this goal, I actively engage in case consultations for my patients. Therefore, I am also available to provide peer consultation or supervision for: 

  1. Complex Cases

  2. Diverse Perspectives

  3. Ethical Considerations

  4. Second Opinions

Support Group Meeting
Support Group Meeting

Supervised Practice

Congratulations on approaching the final step of your journey to becoming a psychologist!

Feel free to visit the 'About' tab to get to know me better and review my C.V. If you find that my profile aligns with your goals for your Supervised Practice, I encourage you to reach out to schedule a discussion.

In your email, please include your C.V. and the anticipated start date for your supervised practice.


If have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me !

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