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How to book an appointment ?

Please note that Dr. Bénédicte Blain and I manage our clinic, Brighter Future Psychology – Neuropsychologues au Service de votre Famille. Hence, the office is shared with her and other colleagues working with us. They also offer psychological services to children, youth, families and adults. You can click the link below to book an appointment with me or my colleagues. 

Dr. Bénédicte Blain

Clinical Neuropsychologist & Psychologist

Since 2011,  she works in neuropsychology with a clientele of children and adults with various neurodevelopmental disorders (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disability, language disorders, developmental coordination disorder, etc.). She also offers psychotherapy services.

Dr. Maude Lambert

Clinical Neuropsychologist & Psychologist

Dr. Lambert is a pediatric neuropsychologist who offers neuropsychological/psychoeducational assessments to children and adolescents with various neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. Lambert has primarily worked in hospital settings in the Ottawa region and completed her neuropsychology residency in a pediatric hospital in the Toronto region.

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